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†† KristensLaw, after completing their initial report onthe tragic death of Jonathon Siwek of Mt. Greenwood, IL. has contacted several news agencies regarding the area and the dangerous conditions existing along this railway. South Sacramento Ave residents whose homes sit as close as 30

yards from the rails have voiced their concerns but complaints have fallen on deaf ears. The Daily Southtown News has responded and may consider reopening an investigation that might have been slowed by a suicide assumption. Like KristensLaw it is not policy to publicize anyone who willfully takes their own life by means of the railroad or by any other means. At this time we have no evidence to support any suicide. Details on the horrific conditions along this stretch of rails including photos will be posted as soon as all the facts have been gathered. We

urge residents in this area to stay clear of these tracks and to contact us concerning any recent or past problems this set of rails might be responsible for. Contact us at info@kristenslaw.org Your Daily Southtown News beat reporterís name and contact info is below. This is your opportunity to correct issues that will prevent further loss of life.


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Courtney Greve may be reached at cgreve@dailysouthtown.com or (708) 633-5983.

Greenwood pictures Report Soon !!

Greenwood pictures... Report Soon !

Jonathan Siwek



Residents Path to Pet Area

Jonathan Siwek Memorial

Cemetery Fence Hole #1

Cemetery Cut Through #2

Cemetery Popular Path #3

A view from the Holy Fence

Expect More Business

Pet Play Area ?

Residents Path to Pet Area

Another Access Point to Cemetery


RR Rocks Breaking Windows

Tracks Used as Sidewalk

School Doors on Top of Rails

Hoping School will Speak Out!

Rotted RR ties are Common Place

Parents look for Help

Stones Mark Path over Tracks

Residents Have Claimed the Land

A view onto S. Sacramento Ave.

Children Play Area

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